Paper review

NeoIPC Digest

Every month, we ask one NeoIPC Consortium member to review an interesting paper on infection prevention and control in neonatal care.

Here’s a list of the scientific articles we have reviewed so far:

NeoIPC Digest #5: April 2023

Review of: Cavallin F, Lupi F, Bua B, et al. (2021) Impact of personal protective equipment on neonatal resuscitation procedures: a randomised, cross-over, simulation study

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NeoIPC Digest #4: March 2023

Review of: Härtel C, Faust K, Fortmann I, et al. (2020) Sepsis related mortality of extremely low gestational age newborns after the introduction of colonization screening for multi-drug resistant organisms

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NeoIPC Digest #1: November 2022

Review of: Dramowski A, Pillay S, Bekker A, et al. (2021) Impact of 1% chlorhexidine gluconate bathing and emollient application on bacterial pathogen colonization dynamics in hospitalized preterm neonates – A pilot clinical trial

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