New Africa CDC Legal Framework for Infection Prevention and Control to support IPC in African hospitals

August 24, 2023

Africa CDC has joined forces with African Union (AU) Member States, the Infection Control Africa Network, U.S. CDC, and the World Health Organization to establish an Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) legal framework for AU Member States.

This framework represents a significant milestone for the African region. IPC policies play a pivotal role in driving improvements within IPC programs at both national and healthcare facility levels, thereby contributing to the reduction of healthcare-associated infections. The IPC legal framework stands as a crucial stride towards securing political commitment for the formulation of IPC policies in AU Member States.

The Africa CDC Legal Framework for Infection Prevention and Control includes six areas for countries to update their laws to improve IPC and patient safety, including:

  1. Establishing national IPC programs
  2. Developing evidence-based guidance
  3. Training and educating personnel
  4. Conducting surveillance for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
  5. Developing systems to monitor compliance with laws
  6. Mandating specific staffing and infrastructure changes in hospitals.

Member States can use this framework to conduct comprehensive reviews of their existing legal instruments on IPC. By doing so, they can gain a deeper understanding of the legal avenues available to reinforce IPC and explore ways to strengthen legal mechanisms in support of IPC programs.

Download the Legal Framework or read this blog article to learn more about how and why the framework was established and how it helps promote IPC in AU Member States.