NeoIPC Clinical Practice Network kicks off its activities

November 23, 2022

On World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022, NeoIPC kicked off its activities related to the Clinical Practice Network (CPN).

The CPN brings together clinicians from over 35 neonatal intensive care units in Europe, Africa and South America, who share enthusiasm for infection prevention and control (IPC) in neonatal care and are keen to exchange on how to improve the situation in their NICU. The CPN will also serve as an effective implementation strategy for NeoIPC, supporting the introduction of a specific clinical intervention in participating network centers.


What does the CPN offer?

Starting from early 2023, participants in the Clinical Practice Network will be engaged through regular webinars and meetings to share their local implementation experiences and work together to support the shared aim of improving infection prevention and control practices in their respective neonatal care settings.

Moreover, IPC experts from the project have accurately selected and put together a list of neonatal infection control resources, freely available online. This initial list of IPC recommendations, guidelines and online tools will be expanded with the help of CPN members, in order to create a comprehensive and multilingual repository of resources from different geographical areas.

The resource repository will be complemented by a monthly review of scientific articles following the latest updates in research on IPC in neonatal care.


How can NICUs join the CPN?

If you are interested to take part in the Clinical Practice Network, please email us or fill in this form. You don’t need to be involved in other NeoIPC activities to be part of the CPN.

For more information on the CPN, visit the dedicated webpage.